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Usually you just send the visitors who are after a free membership to the “Registration” page and they can signup for a free membership (signing up for a free membership has no restriction). If you want to make it so they need to confirm their email address before they can create a free account (similar to what happens for the paid membership) then you can achieve that using one of the following two methods (use the one that suits your setup).

Note: you only need to use one of the following two methods (there is no need to follow both of them)

Method 1

Go to the settings menu of the eMember plugin and check the “Free Members Must Confirm Email Address” field. When this option is checked, the standard registration form gets replaced with with a small registration initiation form for email verification (the user will see the full registration form after the verification). When a user fills in this email verification form (name and email address) a unique registration link is sent to the specified email address. Users will only be able to register for a free member account after they click on the unique registration link sent to their email address.

Method 2

In this method you simply need to add in one extra step before the registration.

Create a new WordPress page with the desired name (example: Free Membership) then place the following shortcode on that page:


Now, you can place a link on your “Join Us” page to this newly created page to start sending potential visitors. When they fill in the form created by the above shortcode they will receive an email which will let them complete the free membership registration after they click on the link sent to them via email.

Using with a Particular Membership Level

You can also use this shortcode with a particular membership level. This is useful if you want to offer multiple free membership levels.

So for example, if you wanted to use it for membership level ID 2 then you could use the following shortcode:

[free_rego_with_email_confirmation level=2]


We get asked the following question a lot on this “Free member must confirm email” topic:

Q. Can we still use the full registration form for free membership or why can’t I see the full registration form?

A. The key thing to understand here is that you are not replacing the full registration form. The member will still need to fill in the full registration form and choose the username and password. All you are doing is adding a step before they get to do that to make sure the email address gets confirmed. The summary…  when a vistior fills out the small form and clicks on the link sent to him/her via email the visitor will be able to fill in the full registration form and become a free member.

Essentially this is the same process as the paid membership. In this case, instead of making a payment the visitor is filling out a small form to initiate the membership account creation process.

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