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WP eMember has a site wide page protection feature. Depending on your site’s content you may want to use the site wide content protection feature so only logged in members can see any part of your WordPress site.

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Enabling Site-wide Protection

Simply go to the WP eMember settings and look  for the section titled “Site Wide/Domain Level Page Protection Settings” to enable this feature.

Site Wide/Domain Level Page Protection Settings

When the “Enable Site Wide/Domain Level Lockdown” option is checked, it will restrict anonymous visitor access to your WordPress site (the site won’t even load unless the visitor logs in as a member). The only page the visitor will be able to access on the site when not logged in is the “Join Us” page.

When you use this option anyone trying to access your WordPress site will be greeted with the following screen:

Prompt to anonymous visitors when they try to access locked down page

The only action available to the visitor is either to log in as a member or signup for a membership.

Lockdown Specific Pages

There is also an option to lockdown some pages selectively by using the “Enable Specific Page Lockdown” option. You can also specify a URL pattern to lock every page that matches that pattern. For example if you specify /some-category/ then all the following pages will be locked down:


This technique is very useful when you want to lockdown a group of pages on your WordPress site.

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