Ecommerce: How to Use the Instant Digital Delivery Feature

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Just to make it clear… this is an additional product delivery option that you can use. The plugin will automatically send an email to the buyer after a purchase with the download links by default even if you are not using this method/feature.

This function uses PayPal’s PDT (Payment Data Transfer) feature. Watch the video tutorial (recommended) or follow the steps outlined below to take advantage of this feature:

Video Tutorial

Check the thank you page digital delivery video tutorial from our additional video tutorials section.

Step By Step Setup Instructions

Step 1) Make a post-payment return page (example, a Thank You or Transaction Result page). Use the URL of this page in the “Return URL” field of the settings menu of eStore. This is the page where your customers are going to land when they return from PayPal after the payment. Make sure you do not make this page a private page (private pages can only be accessed by someone who is logged into WordPress). It doesn’t matter if someone goes to this page without making the payment (the links only appear after they make the payment).

Step 2) Add whatever message you want to add to this “Thank You” page and then put the following shortcode where you want to display the transaction result (product download links):


Step 3) Enable PDT feature in your PayPal profile. If you don’t know how to enable PDT and get the PDT Identity Token then this document should help (check the “Activating PDT” section on that page).

Step 4) Make sure you have enabled “Auto Return” option too . You can enable the “Auto Return” option from the same PayPal profile page where you enable PDT.

Step 5) Specify the PDT Identity Token that you received from PayPal in the “PDT Identity Token” field of the PayPal Payment Gateway Settings menu of WP eStore.

Step 6) Finally, enable the “Thank You” page display feature in eStore by checking the “Enable Transaction Result Display” in the settings (Post Payment Process Settings) menu of WP eStore.

The transaction result will display the message that the customers are also going to get in the email. It will have a list of products they ordered with a unique encrypted download link for each digital product so it can be downloaded instantly.

Important Note

Please note that some of the comments below are out of date. Over the course of time PayPal has made changes so we had to adjust the plugin accordingly (for example: currently you need to have auto redirect enabled in your PayPal account for this feature). The documentation above is up to date, so follow the steps outlined above to use this feature.

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