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2Chekcout doesn’t seem to have the INS (instant payment notification) turned on by default. So you need to specify in your 2checkout account that you want to send payment notification to the WP eStore plugin so the plugin can do the post payment operation after a sale.

Setting up the INS (Payment Notification) for 2Checkout

Step 1) Log into your 2Checkout vendor/merchant account

Step 2) Click on the to the “Notifications” icon (see the following screenshot)


Step 3) Enable the “Order Crated” notification option (see the following screenshot)


Step 4) Enter the following value in the “URL” field:

Replace “” with your own site URL.

Step 5) Save the this settings change by clicking the “Save Settings” link.

Setting up the 2Checkout Secret Word

You can setup your secret word from your 2Checkout merchant account

  • Log in to your 2Checkout account.
  • Click the ACCOUNT tab.
  • Click on SITE MANAGEMENT sub tab.
  • Scroll down to find the Secret Word field and change it.
  • Save the changes

What to expect after this setup

Once you have completed the above setup your customers will see a page similar to the following screenshot (click on the image to see an enlarged version) after they enter their credit card details when making a payment.

2Checkout Post Payment Confirmation Page

When they click on the “Click Here To Finalize Your Order” button the payment will be finalized and 2Checkout will send the payment notification to the plugin so eStore can continue with the post payment processing (for example, send the product download link(s) via email to the customer).


2Checkout doesn’t have a PayPal PDT like feature where the transaction details are available on the “Thank You” page when a customer lands on that page after the payment. This means eStore cannot display the product download links on the “Thank You” page (eStore only gives the download links after it verifies the payment details).

“Subscription” type buttons are also not available with 2Checkout.

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