Ecommerce: Available Email Tags

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The following tags can be used in the “Email Body” of the email that is sent out after a purchase (the tags will be replaced with the value dynamically):

  • {first_name} – First name of the buyer
  • {last_name} – Last name of the buyer
  • {payer_email}- Buyer email address
  • {product_details} – Lists the item name (with variation), quantity, currency and price of every purchased item.
  • {product_name} – Name of the purchased products (comma separated)
  • {product_link} – List of purchased products and corresponding encrypted download links for the products.
  • {product_link_digital_items_only} – List of purchased digital items with encrypted download links (The item is only listed if the product has a downloadable file)
  • {product_price} – Price of the purchased products (comma separated)
  • {product_id} – Product IDs of the purchased products (comma separated)
  • {download_life} – Duration the download links are valid for.
  • {shipping_info} – Buyer’s shipping address
  • {shipping_option_selected} – The selected shipping variation for the transaction
  • {product_specific_instructions} – Add the product specific instructions (e.g password for a PDF file) specified in the product to the email body.
  • {purchase_date} – The date of the purchase.
  • {transaction_id} – The unique transaction ID of the purchase.
  • {purchase_amt} – The amount paid for the current transaction.
  • {total_tax} – Total tax amount for this transaction.
  • {total_shipping} – Total shipping amount for this transaction.
  • {total_minus_total_tax} – The total amount minus the total tax.
  • {coupon_code} – The coupon code that was used in the transaction.
  • {counter} – A numeric counter. Each time you make a sale this counter goes up by 1.
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