Automatically Redirect Your Members to a Page After They Login

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WP eMember has an “After Login Redirection” feature that you can use to automatically send the members to a specific page (example, members only area) when they log into the site.

How to Enable the After Login Redirection Feature

  • Go to the WP eMember Settings menu
  • Check the “Enable After login Redirection” checkbox
  • Save the settings by clicking the update button at the bottom of this page

How to Configure Which Page to Redirect to

There are 3 options to choose from:

  1. You can redirect all of your members to a specific page upon login. Simply specify the URL of the page in the "eMember settings -> Pages/Forms Settings -> After Login Page" field.
  2. You can redirect members to a specific page based on their membership levels. Specify the URL of the redirect page in the "Membership Level -> Redirect After Login"field to configure a per membership level specific redirection page.
  3. You can also redirect on a per user basis (redirect a specific member to a specific page). Specify the URL of the redirect page in the "Members -> Edit a member's record -> After Login Page URL" field to configure a per user specific redirection page.

Can I Use a Mixture of These Available Redirections?

Yes, you can mix them up. This is how eMember will determine the after login redirection of a user when he/she logs into the site:

  • First, it will check if there is a user specific redirection available for the member. If it finds one then it will redirect the member to that page.
  • If a user specific redirection is not present, the plugin will check if a membership level specific redirection is configured. If it finds one then it will redirect the member to that membership level redirection page.
  • If the plugin can’t find any of the above, it will redirect the user to the global/general redirection page specified under the “Pages/Forms Settings” area.
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