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The eStore and eMember plugins are pre-integrated so using a WP eStore button to accept payment for membership is very easy.

The only thing you need to do is specify the “Membership Level ID” in the eStore product’s “Reference Text” field when you create/configure a product in eStore.

This basically tells eStore which membership level a product corresponds to. You can create as many eStore products and payment buttons as you want for your different membership levels.

Here is a summary of the steps involved

Step 1) Create an eStore product. Our WP eStore documentation will show you how to do this if you don’t know it already (there are video tutorials for it too)

Step 2) Find a field called “Reference Text” when your are creating/configuring the eStore product. You can find this field under the “Additional Product Details” section of the product (see the screenshot below).

Specify the membership level ID in this reference text field.

Check the video tutorial from the “Video Tutorial” section below which will explain how this works in details.

Video Tutorial

Click on the following image to open the video tutorial:

WP eMember Premium Membership

Buy Now Type Button or Subscription Type Button?

Read the following documentation if you are not sure if you should use an ONE OFF payment button or a SUBSCRIPTION (recurring payment) button for your membership payment:

Example Scenario

Here is an example scenario,

You have a membership level called “Gold Pass”. The id of this membership level is 3 (The ID for each membership level is listed on the Manage Levels screen).

Say for example, you want to charge $25 for this membership level. Go to the “Add/Edit Products” menu of the WP eStore plugin so you can configure a payment button to accept payment from potential customers.

When you fill in the details of this eStore product, just specify 3 (Membership Level ID of Gold Pass) in the “Reference Text” field which is under the “Additional Product Details” section. Now, use an eStore shortcode to place “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button (for the product you just configured) on your Membership Payment/Join Us page.

When a member pays for the membership using this button the eStore plugin will know (from the Level ID you entered in the reference text) that this payment was for a “Gold Pass” and it will automatically create the appropriate member account and send an email to the customer.

The email sent to the customers will contain a unique link. When they click/follow that link, they will be brought to the registration page where they will be able to choose their Username and password to complete the registration and access the “members only” content.

If you have multiple membership levels then create an “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button for each membership level and place them on your Membership Payment/Join Us page following the above instructions.

Integration Troubleshooting

Check the following link if your integration is not working as expected:

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