WP eMember and MailChimp Integration


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The WP eMember (membership plugin) can be easily integrated with MailChimp (Email marketing and Email list manager). This allows you to add members to your MailChimp list as they join your membership site.

To integrate MailChimp with eMember simply go to the “Autoresponder Settings” tab from the Settings menu of eMember and set it up.

  1. Check the “Use MailChimp AutoResponder” field
  2. Specify your list name in the “MailChimp List Name” field
  3. Specify your MailChimp API Key that you can get from your MailChimp account
  4. Save the settings by hitting the “Update Options” button at the bottom of the page.

MailChimp Integration for eMember

You can also signup members of different membership level to different MailChimp lists. You can do this by editing a membership level then specifying the list name for that level.

Using MailChimp Interest Groups

You can add interest groups when a member is added to your MailChimp list too.

Add the interest group data in the “Autoresponder List/Campaign Name” field of a membership level like the following:

List Name | Group Name | Groups

Lets say you have the following scenario:

List Name: my-list-1
Interest Group Name: Group one
Interest Groups: Time kit

Then you would enter the following in the list name field of the eMember plugin:

my-list-1 | Group one | Time kit
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