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The eStore Bulk Discount addon allows your customers to automatically get a discount based on the number of items they are purchasing.

Installing the eStore Bulk Discount Addon

You can install this addon the same way you install any WordPress plugin:

  • Go to the “Add New” plugins screen in your WordPress admin area
  • Click the “upload” tab
  • Browse for the addon file (
  • Click “Install Now” and then activate the plugin

Using this Addon

When this addon is active, You can easily configure some conditions that will be used to automatically apply a discount on the shopping cart.

To configure a new discount condition click on the “eStore bulk discount” sub-menu under the WP eStore plugin menu.

screenshot showing how to access the estore bulk discount addon menu

To add a new discount condition you need to enter the following information:

  • From (Quantity): The minimum number of items required to apply this coupon. For example – 7.
  • To (Quantity): The maximum number of items required in the shopping cart to apply this coupon. For example- 9.
  • Discount Rate (%): The rate of discount in percentage that will be applied on the shopping cart. For example – 20.

Click the “Save” button which will add the new discount condition.

screenshot showing how to configure a bulk discount condition

How Does the Discount Condition Work

Suppose, you configured one coupon condition and a user just came to your site to do a shopping cart checkout. If the  user has 7-9 items in the shopping cart a 20% discount will be automatically applied to the total cart amount. You can add as many conditions as you want.

AddOn Price

The eStore Bulk Discount Addon is FREE for all customers who purchased WP eStore plugin from us.

Download the Addon (v1.3)

You can download this addon from the addon download area of our customer only support forum.

General Note

Please note that some of these free eStore addons are developed by our users in the community. So they do not have any advanced customization option. The description above explains exactly what this addon does.

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