Gravity Forms and WP Affiliate Platform Integration

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The Gravity Forms (contact form plugin) can be integrated with the WP Affiliate Platform Plugin. The following integration steps shows how you can use the Gravity Forms plugin to capture leads in the WP Affiliate plugin.

What can you expect from this integration?

The following points show the usual flow of events that you can expect:

  1. You place a form created by Gravity Forms on your landing page
  2. An affiliate sends a visitor to your landing page (The affiliate plugin detects this referral and tracks the click)
  3. The visitor decides to fill in the form on your landing page.
  4. After the Gravity form is submitted, the affiliate plugin detects that this user was sent by an affiliate.
  5. The affiliate plugin captures this lead in the lead capture table (the site admin can later check all the leads).

Gravity Forms Lead Capture Integration Steps

Step 1) The Gravity Forms lead capture form needs the following field in place:

  • Email address – when you create the lead capture form using Gravity Forms, you will need to have an email address field in the form to collect the user’s email.

Step 2) Go to the advanced tab of the “Email Address Field” of your gravity form and specify the following value in the “parameter name” field:


See the following screenshot for better understanding:

Step 3) Finally, use the standard gravity form’s shortcode to place the form on your landing page as you do for any other Gravity form.  See example of a shortcode below:

[gravityform id=1 title=false description=false]

Now, when your visitors submit the contact form the lead will be captured in the WP Affiliate plugin.

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