How to Use Gateway Specific Buy Now Type Buttons

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Buy Now type buttons are single item checkout buttons that lets your user purchase an item with one click. When your customer clicks on a "Buy Now" type button, it will take the customer directly to the payment page.

Buy Now type buttons are mainly used with the PayPal payment gateway but eStore allows you to use it with any payment gateway.


Creating a Buy Now Type Button for a Particular Gateway


Step 1) Create an eStore product via the "Add/Edit Products" interface of the eStore plugin. Checkout our video tutorials if you don't know how to create a product in eStore plugin.

Step 2) Use the following shortcode to place a "Buy Now" button for the product you created in step 1:

[wp_eStore_buy_now_for_specific_gateway id="1" gateway="authorize"]

The above shortcode will create a buy now button for product 1 using the payment gateway.

The following shortcode will create a buy now button for manual checkout:

[wp_eStore_buy_now_for_specific_gateway id="1" gateway="manual"]


Available Gateway Values

You can use the following values for the "gateway" parameter depending on which gateway you want:


paypal (standard PayPal checkout)
manual (manual checkout)
2co (2checkout)
authorize (standard checkout)
gco (Google checkout)
pppro (PayPal Pro checkout)
auth_aim ( AIM onsite checkout)
ccbill (CCBill checkout)
epay_dk ( checkout)
eway_rapid_3 (eWay Rapid 3 checkout)
stripe (Stripe Checkout)
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