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You can track a custom value or field with the WP Affiliate Platform to help with your ad campaigns. This can also be helpful if your affiliates want to track custom values so they can see which of their affiliate campaign is working better.

The custom field tracking can be used to measure the effectiveness of individual campaigns. For example, you have created an affiliate account whose affiliate ID is “tips21”. You have placed affiliate links/ads on two different sites using this same affiliate ID. The custom field can help you identify which site sent more clicks.

How to Use The Custom Field Tracking for Affiliate Clicks

Step 1. Enable this option from the settings menu of the plugin by checking the “Enable Custom Field Tracking” checkbox.

Step 2. Add the custom field value in the affiliate URL (see example below).

You are probably familiar with the following type of link which is just a plain affiliate link (tips21 is the affiliate ID in this example):

Now, to add custom field tracking to the above link, simply add the following:

“XXXX” is the value of the custom field that you want to associate with this link. An example value could be “site1” in which case the affiliate URL will look like the following:

Now, when a visitor clicks on this link it will obviously know which affiliate sent the traffic but additionally it will track the “site1” parameter which helps in identifying which site in particular sent the traffic.

When you go to the “Click Throughs” menu it will show the custom field value associated with the clicks:

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