How to Create Banners or Text Links for Affiliates to Use

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Creating image banners or text links for your products or services is very easy with the Affiliate plugin.

Why Create Ad Banners or Text Links?

Well, it helps your affiliates with the product promotion… they can just copy and paste a bit of code to start promoting your products on their websites.

After you configure some ads, your affiliates will be able to log into their affiliate portal and see ad code specific to their accounts. They will be able to use the ad code to send traffic to your website.

How to Create a Simple Affiliate Link

Creating a simple affiliate link is just a matter of taking the link and adding the affiliate ID at the end of the URL like the following:

“tips21” is the affiliate ID in the above example. You can now send this link via email. Whenever anyone clicks on this link and lands on the site, the clicks will be recorded against the affiliate whose affiliate ID is “tips21”.

If you are linking to a particular post or page (example: a sales page) then it will look similar to the following:

If you want to make a text link to be used on a site then you just need to know how to select a bit of text and turn it into a link. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a text link from the “Add/Edit Ads” menu of the plugin and it will automatically create the HTML code. Your affiliates will be able to just copy and paste the code (See the following section).

How to Create Ads for Your Affiliate

You will need two key pieces of information when you want to create a text link or an image banner ad.

  • The URL of the landing page (Target URL)
  • Image URL (the image to be used as the banner) or Anchor text (for text links)

Browse to the “Add/Edit Banners” menu of the WP Affiliate Platform plugin and fill in the required fields to create your affiliate ads.

You should also read the popular affiliate image ad sizes tutorial so you know how you should re-size your image banners (for the image ads).

The following video tutorial shows how to create a banner or text link:

How to Handle Banner Ads if You Have Lots of Products

How to Create Creatives for Your Affiliates

See the creatives creation video tutorial.

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