How to Use Two Tier Affiliate Model

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What is Tier Affiliate Model?

How will referring new affiliates to an affiliate program make me money in the future? the answer is tier affiliate program. A tier affiliate model is an Affiliate program structure whereby affiliates earn commissions on their conversions as well as conversions of webmasters they refer to the program.

So with a two-tier affiliate tracking system, not only are your affiliates rewarded for sending direct sales to your web site, they also get rewarded for encouraging other affiliates to join your affiliate program.

Using a tier affiliate structure potentially attracts more affiliates and hence more referrals to your site which means more sales for your products or services.

Tier Affiliate Model Example

Say for example, Person A is an affiliate. Person A sends Person B to the site. Person B becomes an affiliate too. Person B referes Person C who buys a product.

In the normal scenerio Person B will receive a commission for referring the sale.

In the tier affiliate model Person B still receives the commission but Person A also receives a small commission since Person A originally referred person B to this site.

PayPal and Tier Affiliate Payout

Just a note of warning: Before you start using a tier affiliate model you should know that PayPal considers tier affiliate model to be spammy network marketing so you cannot use PayPal to pay the tier affiliate commission (you will have to use some other means to make the payout. eg. send physical check or bank transfer). If you do use PayPal to pay these commissions then you are most likely violating their Terms of Use (TOS) and they can shut your account down.

How to use a Two-Tier Affiliate Model in the Affiliate Platfrom Plugin

All you have to do is enable it and specify the values from the settings menu of the WP Affiliate Platform plugin.

2 Tier Affiliate Model Settings

2 Tier Affiliate Model Settings

So if you had the “2nd tier commission level” set to 10% and the duration to 30 days then Person A in the above example will receive 10% commission of all sales made through Person B’s referrals for 30 days from the date when person B joined the affiliate program. You can leave the “Duration” field empty in which case Person A will receive the commission indefinitely.

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