How to Use Google First Click Free Feature with Your Membership Site

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Implementing Google’s First Click Free (FCF) for your content allows you to include your restricted content in Google’s main search index. WP eMember has an option that allows you to enable the Google first click free feature on your membership site.

What is Google First Click Free Feature?

What You Need to be Aware of?

  • When you use this feature a visitor (non-member) can see your protected content if they follow a link from Google’s Search result. So yes, you are somewhat compromising the security of your protected content.
  • All users who click a Google search result to arrive at your site should be allowed to see the full text of the content they’re trying to access.
  • The page displayed to all users who visit from Google must be identical to the content that is shown to Googlebot.
  • We implemented this feature following exactly what Google recommended and we intend to keep it this way (it is good idea to follow Google’s policies if you don’t want to get your site banned).
If you are uncomfortable with any of the above then DO NOT use this feature.

How Do You Enable it in eMember?

  1. Go to the settings menu of eMember and check the “Enable Google First Click Free Feature” field to enable this feature.
  2. Wait for Google to index your protected content.
Now, when a user follows a Google search result and lands on your protected article, WP eMember will display the full content of the protected article to this user. If the user clicks on any other link on your site then the normal protection rules are applied as usual.
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