Ecommerce: How do I setup PayPal PDT and get my PayPal PDT Token

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Below are the instructions on how to enable PayPal PDT in your account.

Note: You need a PayPal business or premier account to use PayPal PDT (upgrading from a personal PayPal account is free).

Step 1) Log into your PayPal account.

Step 2) Go to My Account -> Profile

Step 3) Click on selling tools link.

Step 4) Check the selling online section.

Step 5) Look for "Website Preferences" and click the "Update" link on the far right hand corner of this row.

The following image shows you where to click in your PayPal account to get to the Website Preferences menu:

Step 6) You are now on the "Website Preferences" menu.

a) Turn on the "Auto Return" for Website Payments
b) Enter a URL in the Return URL field (your thank you page URL)
c) Scroll down to Payment Data Transfer and enable it.
d) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button
e) PayPal will give a success message and show you your PDT ID Token
f) Copy the paypal PDT ID token and use it where you need to specify it.

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