Ecommerce: Why Use Plain text Email instead of HTML Email

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The email(s) sent by our plugins to the users are not for *promotional purpose*. HTML emails look a bit nicer and comes in handy when you are sending promotional material to your users but it has negative effect when it comes to delivering product download links, registration completion email etc.

The main job of the email(s) sent by our plugin(s) is to complete one specific task without any other factor being an issue in the process. So our philosophy with email delivery is to *play it safe*. The following points will explain why its safer to use plain text email for our situation:

Why Plain Text Emails are a Safe Bet

1. Plain text emails display consistently across email clients (doesn't matter what email client your user is using, the email will be readable).

2. Mobile devices. More and more people are checking email on mobile devices. Not all of them display HTML properly. Some of them only display plain-text.

3. Plain text email has a better chance of getting delivered to your user's inbox. Some Spam filters don't like it when you send HTML email(s). There is already enough spam factor in play so no need to add more into the mix.

4. Plain text email works better when you send an email that needs to be scannable. If there is a link in the email that your user needs to click on then you want him to find that link easily.

5. Some people just prefer plain-text emails. An email is suppose to look like an email not a webpage. So a plain text email usually gets read rather than getting deleted (to most users HTML email looks promotional and spammy). This is one of the main reasons why most big internet marketers send plain text emails.

If someone paid you for a product and they were able to download the item(s) easily without any fuss then they will be happy.

Yes, there will be time when you want to send fancy HTML emails to your users but that is the job of a newsletter plugin or your autoresponder service provider.


What to do if you are having issues getting emails delivered

Try the following checklist

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